How can we help?

We can use our experience and expertise to guide clients and their caregivers towards quality solutions to health and aging challenges.  We share the care with the family to reduce their stress in caregiving.

  • Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Advocating
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Education
  • Support

Our comprehensive assessment and care plan will address:

  • Safety
  • Housing / Environment
  • Home health care needs
  • Medical care
  • Socialization
  • Finances
  • Legal concerns
  • Accessing community services

Who might benefit from our services?

  • Elders who do not have family living in the local area
  • Caregivers seeking support and guidance
  • Elders who have multiple medical and psychological conditions
  • Caregivers who are uncertain of or in conflict with others about care needs
  • Elders and caregivers who are uncertain about future care needs and how to plan for them
  • An elder who is unhappy about the situation that they are in and would benefit from advocacy to make a change.

Services and Capabilities

  • Scheduling and attending medical appointments and ensuring follow up tests and prescriptions are obtained
  • Advocating, and being by their side in the hospital, or skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers
  • Assisting to organize bills and paperwork, and determining the need for referrals to other professionals such as attorneys, or financial specialists
  • Assessing the home environment for safety and arranging for modifications if needed
  • Assistance to participate in activities, like attending concerts, church, or visiting with friends
  • Arranging  for and monitoring home care services specific to their needs
  • Communicating with family and friends
  • Providing education and support to family and caregivers
  • Visiting and gathering information with the client if they are looking to move to an assisted living or other environment
  • Assisting the client and family with relocation, and support through the process

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Consultations and Assessments

If an older adult is not experiencing a specific health set back, but is interested in learning about their options for future care or changes, we can help.

We complete our comprehensive assessment, which looks at Health, Finances, and Lifestyle, to provide options best suited to them.  They will receive a written plan that they can then discuss with their family and friends, and make decisions easier.

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There are many services and living options for older adults to choose from.

Let us help you learn what is best for you or your family member.
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