Alzheimer’s Communication

I saw this posted on the door of a hospital I was in today and asked for a copy. I am sorry I cannot quote the source. I think it is very well said, simple and to the point, with excellent tips, so I am copying it here. Alzheimer's Communication Never argue, instead agree Never [...]

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What difference does it make?

What difference does the service of Care Management make to an older adult and their family A care manager is a member of the team who is experienced and knowledgeable about issues that elders face as they age and the services that can help them. For mom to remain at home and safe, and healthy, [...]

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Assisted living reduces social isolation

I had an experience with a client recently that I would like to share. I went to her primary care physician appointment with her. She has been having some medical problems, and has gone for some tests to determine cause and treatment. I have been to 3 prior appointments to this doctor with this client. [...]

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Tips for downsizing

Use the 4 box system to clean out your house Box 1: Keep in the family – important photos, heirlooms, documents that you want passed onto other family members. Make sure they store them well, scan them into the computer to keep as a record there. It may be best to give these items to [...]

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