What difference does the service of Care Management make to an older adult and their family

A care manager is a member of the team who is experienced and knowledgeable about issues that elders face as they age and the services that can help them.

  • For mom to remain at home and safe, and healthy, that means a care manager to be there for her when her family lives a distance away.
  • For dad who is socially isolated and depressed, it means getting him involved in activities with other people.
  • For a family who is fighting with each other about care for mom and dad, it means a neutral party who can meet with them to problem solve and share some aspects of the care.
  • For aunt, who lives in assisted living, it means a regular visit to her to check in, and make sure she is happy and doing well there.
  • For dad who is in short term rehab and coming home where he lives alone, it means setting up a plan to help him recover well.
  • For a wife who is caring for her husband who has Alzheimer’s it means a partner to help in the care.
  • For an independent elder who is struggling with managing finances, or medical problems, it means a support and helper to rely on.

There are many ways Care Management can help!